Out Rockaway Upcoming Events:

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2019 was a banner for Out Rockaway.  We had a huge LGBTQ celebration, a first for Rockaway.

We held open mics and forums throughout the peninsula.

We had several independent and joint beach parties and other social events.

We welcomed Drag Queen Story hour and participated in many local and city wide events.

2020 has been difficult for many organizations particularly ones that thrive on human connection.

Hopefully we will be gearing up for some great events in August.  Please sign up to follow us on

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Be safe & hope to see you all soon!


Twitter @OutRockaway 
Facebook group: Out Rockaway 
Website: OutRockaway.com
Meetup Group: https://www.meetup.com/Out-Rockaway/

Our events are also listed in the Rockaway Times and The Wave.